Intercom and Sound Masking System

Sound masking is a technique of covering up, or disguising unwanted sounds and noise. This technique can also be applied to any type of working environment, when unwanted sounds are covered up, potential listeners become less distracted. This results in a more satisfactory environment and enables your employees to become more productive. LC Networks Inc offers a full service for intercom and sound masking solutions.

  • Ceiling /Wall/Horn Speaker and IP speaker and VOIP Speaker
  • Paging System Amplifier
  • Background Music
  • Voice Announcer and Zone Paging
  • Reduces call back times/phone bill and down time
  • Increase employee Safety and Security
  • Networked/Centralized/Distributed Sound Masking
  • Eavesdropping Protection
  • Designed to protect speech privacy in conference and broad rooms
  • Reduce conversational distractions with direct-field sound masking
  • Reduces the need for sound absorptive and blocking materials reducing construction costs
  • Increases privacy, performance, productivity, and comfort
Improved Work Efficiency

Our solutions help improve work efficiency by reducing conversational distractions to increase work concentration and productivity.

Employee Satisfaction

Increases employee comfort with background music, and privacy to create an enhanced and positive work environment.

Speech Privacy

Sound masking helps improve privacy and eavesdropping protection.

Safety and Security

Our intercom paging solutions improve safety and security by allowing admins to promptly notify everyone for announcements and evacuations.

Quick and Easy Installs

Our solutions can be installed into any work space, with low impact to the surroundings and little to no down-time for businesses.

Professional Work Environment

Helps enhance the work environment with a better setting with music, comfort, productivity, and privacy.


We offer maintenance and repair services for existing intercom paging solutions, and sound masking systems.

Site Survey

We offer free site surveys and no cost estimates.

Project Management and Consultation

Our team of experts will work closely with you, providing consultation and regular updates on the status of the project.

Cost Saving

Thanks to the innovative technology included in our solutions, you can cut construction costs for acoustic enhancing materials.