IP Access Control

Access control solutions enable secure access into and around your building. Our team of experts will work closely with you to choose the perfect solution based on your security demands. Our team is committed to ensuring your installations are on time and within budget.

  • Traditional Door Controller and IP Door Controller
  • Restrict access to people in certain areas of your building
  • Make tracking keys and replacing lost keys
  • Identify irregularities
  • Control multiple access points remotely during emergency situations
  • Alter access levels on the fly, on demand, or as scheduled with browser-based software
  • Eliminates software management and dedicated server hardware
  • Cost-effective building security solutions
  • Integrates seamlessly with existing platforms
  • Supports video integration with industry leading video surveillance platforms
  • Reduces carbon footprint by operating in a virtual environment
Safety and Security

Control and restrict access to people in certain areas of your building.

Lowers total cost of ownership

Compared to traditional access control systems, IP access control systems require less equipment, labor, and maintenance.

Total Scalability and Flexibility

Our solutions easily integrates with other existing systems.


Our solution provides hardware failover protection, so that in the rare case of a controller failure, only one door is affected.

Brilliantly Simple

Our IP door access solutions can operates in a virtual environment to enhance reliability, boost scalability, and simplifies management.

Easily Managed

With system features such as health monitoring, alerts, and central management of credentials all through a web browser, costly service costs to maintain the system are a thing of the past!

Green and Environmentally Friendly

Requires no physical dedicated server hardware, and operates in a virtual environment to contribute to reducing carbon footprints.

Proven Innovation

Thanks to revolutionary technologies, our IP access control solutions simplify the complexity of standard traditional systems.