Traditional and IP Camera System

Here at LC Networks, we know that the presence of a CCTV system is considered as one of the major demands of any business establishment. Not only does theft and fraud threaten valuable assets but it threatens integrity as well. LC Networks has partnered up with the top industry leading manufacturers in CCTV to bring you an unparalleled service for your CCTV requirements.

  • Traditional analog wax camera systems
  • Digital HD – SDI/ HD – TVI coax camera systems
  • High Definition IP camera systems
  • Indoor/outdoor PTZ camera systems(Analog/IP)
  • Digital Video Recorders/Network Video Recorders/Video Management Systems
  • On-Premier a cloud hosted network storage
  • Effectively monitor video, audio, and data in real time
  • Data integration from retail and access control systems
  • Reduce review time and conduct investigations seamlessly
  • Integrates flawlessly with most IP cameras(Compatible with thousands of IP camera models and over 60 manufacturers)
  • Integrates with POS systems for retail and POS analytics
  • Video analytics for license plate recognition, heat mapping, intrusion detection, facial recognition, and object verification
  • Auto-detection and connection of most IP cameras
  • View and review video and audio from anywhere
  • Support for mobile viewing on Smart Phones
  • Installs on third-party servers
  • Single client connects to thousands of servers to provide a One Look solution
Ease of Use & Flexibility

The management software is intuitive, designed with plug and play in mind, and requires little to no training.

Safety and Security

Enables you to protect your assets and deter any undesirable activities.

Scalable Integration

Our solution is compatible with over thousands of different camera models, and allows a single client to connect to thousands of servers.


We offer CCTV solutions that are optimized according to your business’s demands.

Quality Control

Our solutions offer sharper HD video through the use of high definition video analytics to provide the best quality control solution.

Deter internal and external theft

Our solutions provide industry leading preventative protection through superior self-learning video analytics technology.

General Surveillance

Thanks to our partner’s patented and innovative technologies we deliver to you a solution that is able to accurately identify movements and characteristics of vehicles and people while ignoring irrelevant details.

Improves work efficiency

A monitored environment encourages your work force to follow proper procedures and slack off less.

Prevent fraudulent claims

Our solutions put the power in your hands to go back in time to quickly review past events from anywhere.

Monitor daily businesses

Our solutions grant you the ability to effectively monitor video, audio, and data in real time.

Remote Accessibility

Our solutions allow you to view and review video, audio, and data at anytime and anywhere, and it offers support for mobile viewing on smart devices.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Lowers total cost of ownership by increasing work efficiency, preventing fraudulent claims, and deterring theft.

Proven Innovation

Our CCTV solutions are a proven innovation because they contain massive amounts of features that can all be optimized to fit into your security demands.